How-To: Replace DS Lite Bottom/Touch Screen

This page will show you how to replace a DS Lite’s touchscreen or bottom LCD screen (or anything else in the lower part of the DS).

WARNING: The following guide is quite dangerous, will void any warranties you have, and you may be better off not trying to replace anything

This guide disassembles a lot less of the components, so it looks a bit tricky, but its easier to re-assemble and theres less risk of damaging the screens/screen cables.

Duration: 15 – 30 minutes (depends how quick / confident you are)

You will need:

A Tri-pointed Screwdriver (you will probably need to buy this if it didnt come with your replacement screen)

A Philips Screwdriver (that’s the 4 pointed one)

A set of Pliers (not really needed if you want to use your fingers)

Something to hold the screws in (so you don’t lose any)

Enough space on your desk to put all the pieces that will come out.

Step 1: (Easy bit)

  1. Take out whatever is in slot 1 and 2
  2. Remove the battery cover (the screw is stuck in the panel, dont try to get it out)
  3. Remove the battery with something thin (like a flat screwdriver or a knife, but be a bit careful not to stab the battery)
  4. Remove the 2 rubber feet next to the L/R buttons, they’re sticky so watch out.
  5. Remove all screws except the one in the middle behind the battery (including the black one in Slot-1)

Step 2: (Scary Bit)

  1. Taking the cover off is not too hard, just go around each side and pull 😉 BE CAREFUL OF THE SHOULDER BUTTONS! They are spring-loaded and if the spring flies off you won’t be happy. (Also watch out for the volume slider, it can fall out from the casing)
  2. Take the shoulder buttons out and leave them to one side, make sure the pieces dont get lost
  3. Pull off the microphone cable, its on the bottom right of the image (white cable, gold thing), and move it out of the way (downwards a bit)
  4. Lift up the flap in the green circle below (the touchscreen connector), and take out the cable. Careful, the flap can break.
  5. Unscrew the two nails with white rings around them (one is just under the nintendo logo)



Step 3: (Hard bit)

This is different to other guides, as i don’t tell you to disconnect the top half of the DS. You need to be a bit careful, but you have less chance of ruining your top LCD screen.

Keep your eye on the top LCD screen cable between the case and the motherboard.

  • Pull the motherboard away from the casing, a bit like a flap (there are still wires connected between them, so dont pull hard!)

If you are ONLY replacing the Touchscreen: (You do not need to take out the LCD, but it is a bit harder if you do)

  1. Keep the screen in place and use your fingernails or a knife to pull the touchscreen out (the screen has 3 layers, each one stuck to each other)
  2. Take out the sticky black bits and put it on either your new touchscreen or the LCD, doesnt matter
  3. Put the top layer, guard bit on the touchscreen (this is hard to put on in the same place)
  4. Push the touchscreen back into place, press for the sticky bits to stick properly.

If you are replacing the bottom screen LCD:

  1. TRICKY: Using your fingernail, slide it underneath the small black grip, and pull upwards.
  2. Lift up the whole screen and pull gently on the cable to get it out. (Note how far in the cable is)
  3. Pry the touchscreen from the LCD using fingernails or a knife (the black bit at the bottom is the sticky bit that holds touchscreen to LCD)
  4. Push the touchscreen back into place, press for the sticky bits to stick properly.
  5. TRICKY: Push the cable back in until the two bits sticking out are in the same place as before. Careful as the cable is easily damaged.
  6. Using your thumbnail, push the small black grip back onto the cable, and make sure it is secure.

Ok, now to re-assemble:

Step 4: (Re-assembly)

  1. Making sure the touchscreen goes back into the right place, Take the motherboard and put it back into it’s casing (make sure the DS buttons are still in the same place)
  2. Find the microphone cable (white with gold bit) and push it back into place (needs a bit of a push)
  3. TRICKY: Find the touchscreen cable and push it into the black seatbelt-like thing in the pic below (it doesn’t go in as much as it looks like it does), then push it down closed (make sure its closed, it shouldn’t easily open again)
  4. Screw the two small silver screws into the motherboard. (then you can check if the screen is aligned, especially if you changed the touchscreen)
  5. Prepare and place the two shoulder buttons (The spring: of the two bits sticking out, the bottom-most bit goes into the slit-thing, and the topmost is pushing against the shoulder button)
  6. Set the volume to minimum on the motherboard and the case, and make sure the power button on the case is also at the bottom (off) (This is important, it can break your power button if you don’t check)
  7. Push the case back on the motherboard (i suggest taking both halves and joining vertically, to avoid the volume slider falling out or power slider moving)
  8. The case is probably looking like something isn’t? in most cases it is usually like that, but be careful, something may not be fit properly.
  9. Put all the screws back in (gold screws into the rubber area, and other short screw under where battery goes) leave the black screw
  10. check everything looks ok, (volume slider slides all the way, and power button looks normal) and nothing looks forced closed (it will be a little wonky until you fit that last screw), then put the black screw in behind slot-1. if something looks wrong, undo the screws and double check.
  11. Hope everything works and power on your DS.

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